Local Training Opportunities for Mining
June 2nd 13:30
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  • Speaker: Northern College, Collège Boréal , Thériault, Région du Nord
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Attend the education and training panel to hear from education and training experts about some of the programs and services that are available to train and prepare workers for the mining industry. Panel presenters will talk about:

  • What their organization offers (type of programs, program entry requirements, duration, delivery methods, etc).
  • Outcomes of programs (success stories).
  • Any other relevant information about how their institution or organization contributes to providing skilled workers for the mining industry.

Each panel presenter will speak for 10-15 minutes each. Presentations will be followed by a facilitated question period.

Our goal:
To promote what is available locally to help plan and/or pursue a career in mining to ensure that the mining industries find the workers that they need so that they could continue to grow and strive in our Northeastern Ontario communities.